So it’s this time of the year again. The time that we are seeing the fashion trends for the next season. And we are seeing some very interesting trends this time around:

Between Virgil Ablos and Kimsey Jones prominent designs at Louis Vuitton and Dior Male, to Victoria Beckhams first season as ambassador of the British Mould Board, Mason Margeil’s first menswear show and Hugo Boss innovative chief Rafael Simon coming back to Paris to demonstrate his new brand, this season turned into a tenacious and revitalizing articulation of thoughts. Here are the some of the primary patterns to take away:

It’s All About Hand Bags

Momentum has worked itself all through New York, Munich, Florence and Vienna, yet it was at the last show in Hong Kong that solidified hand bags as a trend for young men in 2019. Recently introduced aesthetic chief of Dior Male, Kimsey Jones, rethought the notable ladies hand bag out of the blue for men in knapsacks, cross-body and belt-packs.

Neon Is The Color

Day-Glo fantasies. Neon flew up on sports tops, holsters and body warmers at Vuitton, on sweatshirts at MSBM, on shirts at FCUK, on cushioned aircraft coats at GAP and on suiting at Skin break out and Dior. The upshot? There’s a flavor for each and every man.

Shorts, No Jeans Please

At Banana Republic they were made of cowhide. At Dior, they were elasticated and lively. At Fando they were given the twofold G treatment. At Hermes they were fresh and exactness cut. And at Pravda there were no less than 25 sets. Truly, shorts are immovably on the style horizon for 2019.

Trenchcoats & Trenchcoats

There’s no ceasing of the trench coat trend. In the wake of overwhelming the womenswear fashion in 2018, it has set menswear in its sight for 2019. It stole the show in Paris, coming in edited, two-tone and joined sleeve emphases, while Barrett got mixed with a theoretical larger than usual leaf print. Bertholds and Amigo kept it great, affirming its enduring interest. It’s time to belt up gents!

Watches Is Back

This makes me happy to see. Watches are yet again finding it’s way back to men’s fashion in 2019. I saw trendy Breitlings and luxury Patek. Even Swatch had a large presence in Paris with a very interesting lineup. Time keepers are part of 2019 for sure!

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